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Belmar is one square mile of paradise to many of us who live here. Belmar is a safe, family-friendly community with great beaches, marina, Main Street and tree-lined streets.

Belmar Democrats

November 5th is election day, and it will be here before you know it. Consider volunteering!

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?

Ever wondered what exactly Democrats have done to improve the lives of every American? Well, a similar question was asked in a 1979 movie that some of you might have seen. If you are curious about the answer, and maybe curious about the movie, then click Here

What We Believe

As Democrats, there are certain things that we can agree on, while each of us have beliefs that not everyone would share. Those shared beliefs, however, are the things that make us take on the mantle of Democrat. A healthy environment that every American can enjoy, affordable access to healthcare, civility in political discourse. These are some of those shared values. If you would like further information about what Belmar Democrats believe, please read more.

Opinions... Yea, we've got 'em

Maggie McBride's journey for healthcare insurance.

John Hutchinson's take on Connecting National Issues to Local Politics

Belmar Democratic

Belmar Council candidates Maggie McBride
and Cherly Russo.

Fact-Checking the Intertubes… (How's your BS Meter Working?

We’ve all had emails where someone says they are anxious to give us millions of dollars if we just provide our Social Security and bank account numbers, and our mother’s maiden name. Or, we read that thousands of muslins were dancing in the streets shortly after the planes crashed into the Twin Trade Towers (a.k.a DJT Tweet). In this era of “alternative facts” (a Conwayism), it’s very important to be able to separate these lies and fabrications from the truth.

What to do when you hear a rumor or see something on the internet and you are not sure it is true? The easiest place to start is to do an internet search using the exact words used in the rumor or suspected "news" article. Here are a few websites that will also help you to determine the veracity of what you read, see and hear:

Please consider a monthly donation to the Belmar Democrats

Government Representives for Belmar Residents

Belmar Democratic Mayor & Council

County Freeholders

Director Lillian G. Burry (R)
Deputy Director John P. Curley (R)
Thomas A. Arnone (R)
Gary J. Rich, Sr. (R)
Serena DiMaso, Esq. (R)

State District 30:
Assemblyman Sean Kean (R)
1967 Highway 34, Bldg. C, Suite 202, Wall Township, NJ 07719
Phone: (732) 974-0400

Assemblyman David Rible (R)
1967 Highway 34, Bldg. C, Suite 202, Wall Township, NJ 07719
Phone: (732) 974-0400

State Senator Robert Singer (R)
1771 Madison Ave., Suite 202, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Phone: (732) 987-5669

Congress 3rd District:
Chris Smith (R) 3rd District
Robert Menendez (D); Cory Booker (D)

Become An Active Member of the
Belmar Democrats

The time for hesitation is through (apologies to the Doors). We all need to get involved in whatever way we can. Some of us work all day and don't have an awful lot left over, so sometimes just showing up is what we can do. Some of us are retired, and even though we often say "how did we ever have time for work" with all the things we do day-to-day, there is nothing like asking a busy person to do something, because they get it done.

We have a local Belmar Borough Council election coming up in the fall with Democrat Tom Brennan running for re-election, as well as a critically important Governor's race in New Jersey. Here in Monmouth County we have two open Freeholder seats: Lillian Burry (R), of Colts Neck, will seek her fifth term as freeholder on a ticket with Pat Impreveduto (R), although they have primary challengers from the R's. "The eventual Republican candidates will face Democratic Lake Como Mayor Brian Wilton", and "running mate Dr. Margie Donlon", a physician from Ocean Township. (from Asbury Park Press article )

So there is much to do! We need volunteers to help organize and carry out Tom's campaign; we need volunteers to help register new voters; we need volunteers to help in the Get Out The Vote on election day! If you read Tom Friedman's article referenced above, you should be convinced that the next two elections (2017 and 2018) are the most important thing we have to focus on.

It's not all work... Getting to know people who share the same concerns and passions that you do is in itself a gratifying experience. And making Belmar an even better place (no, don't even think of that vile slogan!), is something that rewards us all. So let us know if you want to get involved - just click here to contact us.

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