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Belmar Democrats

Under Democratic leadership, Belmar has flurished. Over the past 7 years, the borough has seen unprecidented growth, while keeping property taxes in check. It is because of this leadership that businesses have moved to Belmar and homeowners have seen no increase in the portion of their property taxes that Belmar controls.

Mayor Matt Doherty

Elected in 2011, Mayor Doherty has provided leadership during historic disaster that was Superstorm Sandy and afterwards in our rapid recovery. From boardwalk and pavilion restoration, to the rebuilding and maintence of our infrastructure, to attracting successful businesses to our community, Mayor Doherty, along with the Democratic majority on the Council, has always kept Belmar first.

Tom Brennan

Councilman Brennan serves on the Belmar Environmental Commission. Tom is a Music Instructor and Band Leader at the Belmar Elementary School and has served in that position for the past 16 years. Tom has also coached clinic-level soccer as well as Little Stars and girls softball. He was Assistant Director of the Brookdale Community College Arts Camp and Trustee/Treasurer of the Belmar Arts Council. In his spare time, Tom is a professional musician, currently performing with the Shore Blue Band.

Brian Magovern

Councilman Magovern is Chair of the Belmar Borough Council. Brian is a long time Belmar resident who has served the Belmar community as Recreation Dirctor for many years.

Jennifer Nicolay

Councilwoman Nicolay serves on the Parks, Roads and Buildings Committee, the Public Safety Committee (police, fire and first aid, including lifeguards), the Community Services Committee (including youth services, recreation, senior citizen services, and the Drug Alliance). Jennifer is also a Trustee of the Belmar Arts Council, and a Trustee of the Belmar Business Partnership. Belmar Cares (Member)