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What We Believe

Government is us, “We the people…” Collectively, there are things that we can do to make our lives better that are impossible to do individually. Spreading out the cost and effort among the many, can make our individual lives better.

Civility and civil discourse is another way of expressing the “Golden Rule.”

All people should have access to affordable and adequate healthcare.

All people should have access to clean air and clean water, and it is the role of government to ensure that future generations also have access to these life necessities.

Diversity is good for our community. Different cultures bring different points of view which challenge us to examine our own views, and that’s a good thing. (“The unexamined life…” Socrates). Diversity brings new life to a community.

Good public education is imperative for a democracy. Understanding our government, exercising clear, rational thinking, and gaining essential life skills are not only important for good citizenship but are also important for a fulfilling life.

Science has made modern life possible. Without science, such things as antibiotics and modern healthcare, our energy and transportation systems would not be possible. Science is rational and is based on the premise that something is only true if it can not be disproved. If just one instance is found that does not conform to a theory, then that theory is false. In science, a theory stands up to every test and it is a most powerful piece of knowledge. Science is democratic, as anyone is welcome to challenge a theory, but must provide evidence of the test and results for all to see.

Facts are facts. There are no “alternative facts”. Someone who purports to present an “alternative fact” is, in fact, lying.

When we shop in Belmar or use a Belmar business, the money we spend tends to stay in the community. That money is then used by the owners of these businesses to pay for dance lessons or scout uniforms for their kids; it is used to help pay off a student loan or dinner at one of our terrific restaurants.

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